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Top Ten Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Shadow work is about addressing our "dark side" and bringing awareness to all that we are. It is about learning why we are the way that we are, how we got here, and where we desire to be.

Truth is, our shadows can be our biggest teachers -- yet many are fearful of the process. Below are my Top Ten Journal Prompts to help you on your journey through the darkness.

1. What are my triggers and what caused them? Keep a running log for triggers when they rise to the surface – this will allow you to dive deeper into that underlying discomfort and unrest.

2. What depletes my energy? What elevates me? Write two lists, one of everything that uplifts you and makes you feel energized, and another of everything that leaves you feeling drained or depleted. Take note of who, what, where, and when – so you can identify the why. Then adjust accordingly by setting boundaries where necessary to protect your energy.

3. Do I set firm boundaries, or do I adjust the line for the sake of avoiding conflict? Practice identifying and setting boundaries in your relationships with yourself and others – holding true to them is empowering.

4. What value can I find in the shadows? Find strength in acknowledgement of your dark side – our biggest lessons often come from our most trivial experiences.

5. What narrative am I telling myself, when I enter into a romantic partnership? Focus on how you desire to love and be loved, in a way that is serving your truth.

Fill in the blanks:

When I love someone they, ________ . (hurt me, lie to me, leave me, etc.)

When I let someone love me, I ________ . (lose myself, become too vulnerable, hide

my truth, etc.)

6. What negative self-talk do I often indulge in? What actions, behaviors, and habits do I speak negatively of myself for doing? Negative self-talk and judgement can stem from lack of confidence within while also reaffirming those beliefs within yourself – a consequence of living your life unconsciously via shadow expression.

7. Are the people closest to me a positive reflection of who I am? Am I giving energy to people who do not align with me? We are all a collection of those closest to us – who we choose to surround ourselves with, speaks highly of our own character and the standards we hold ourselves to.

8. Do I lie to myself so I don’t have to address my dark side? Do I tend to leave out details, because I believe the full picture is not worthy of the light? The truth is, we all have shadows cast upon parts of ourselves that we deem unworthy. However, we are all worthy of acceptance, simply by existing.

9. Am I happy with my own company? Or do I use the presence of others as a distraction from being alone with myself? You are the only person that you get to spend your life with – start to finish. Feeling fulfilled in life all begins within.

10. How do I practice self-care? Is there more I can be doing for my well-being? Self-care is critical for each and every one of us – making time throughout our days for the small stuff, is how we honor ourselves.

May you continue to shine light onto all that makes you, uniquely you.

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