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A multidimensional approach to wellness that focuses on the whole person - balancing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual being.

Holistic Health

1-on-1 Programs

No two people are the same. No two healing programs should be either. As a Holistic Healer in Health, Lifestyle, and Relationships, I prioritize my clients’ unique needs. I help to shine light on the areas that will bring them the most benefit by using a heart-centered healing approach. Together we focus on these areas in order to make the biggest impact on their personal healing journey!

As your healer I can help you…

  • Align with the highest version of yourself to achieve your goals

  • Grow through your healing journey (or ‘grow through what you go through’, as I like to say)

  • Facilitate a deep connection to your own truths and inner knowing

  • Upgrade your habits and mindset

  • Learn how to use Human Design to support your journey

  • Build the confidence needed to achieve your goals with clarity

  • Release self-limiting beliefs

  • Connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be

  • Discover your life’s purpose by exploring your passions

  • Teach you how to quit yo-yo dieting, for good

  • Unlock subconscious blocks and break free from self-sabotaging cycles

  • Heal deeply - mentally, physically, and emotionally

  • Shine light on your shadows and support inner long-term peace

  • Raise your vibration and feel like yourself - more you than you ever have!

My goal as your healer is to guide you. To teach you how to heal and achieve your goals throughout our time together, so that you won’t need me once your program is complete.

I will always be here as an accountability partner, and to help you reach new levels in your journey moving forward - but you will end our sessions with all the tools to continue your journey on your own. 

My Holistic Healing Services

Services offered virtually via Zoom or in-person in Oakton and Arlington Virginia

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