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Top 5 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based "Diet"

There are so many reasons to try a plant-based "diet" (it is really a lifestyle–not a diet). Most plants have lower calories, so you can eat more! Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are natural sources of fiber, helping your stomach feel full longer. Your gut needs plant nutrients to help build your body's innate immunity and defense systems. When we farm plants instead of animals, we lower our carbon footprint enormously, benefitting not only ourselves but the world. As a holistic health coach, I could go on and on about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. But for now, here are my top 5 reasons…

1. Know Your Reason(s)

The number 1 reason to start a plant-based eating plan is YOU! As I've mentioned before, the biggest motivator in your life should be yourself and your wellbeing. Whether you are trying to lower your blood pressure, lose weight, improve athletic performance, lower sugar levels, prevent diabetes, or do better things for the environment. Your reason(s) for going plant-based are the ones that will keep you going when you face challenges.

2. Gut Health

Your gut needs fiber and other nutrients from plants to create a healthy gut microbiome. Fiber increases beneficial bacteria in your stomach by providing them with the food to thrive and improve immunity and intestinal function. The carbohydrates, proteins, and fats found in plants offer other benefits, like decreasing pathogenic (bad) bacteria and reducing chronic disease and illness risk.

3. The Environment

When we eat less animal-based food products, we use less fertilizers, water, and land required for feeding animals. The process of farming animals for consumption creates thousands of tons of carbon emissions that we could otherwise avoid if we ate fewer animal products.

4. It's Easier to Lose Weight

The fiber and protein in plants help you feel less hungry because they stay in your stomach longer, providing more extended sources of energy. Fiber expands in the stomach and takes longer for bacteria to digest it. Plant protein has been shown to be more filling than animal protein because most plant protein has the added benefit of fiber.

5. Athletic Performance

Both athletes and non-athletes that follow a plant-based lifestyle have an advantage. Plant-based foods are known as "optimal food" that increases blood flow, improves muscle efficiency, and reduces inflammation.

"As demonstrated by the athletes and research featured in The Game Changers, switching to a diet centered around plants can yield significant performance advantages, providing optimal fuel, increasing blood flow, making muscles more efficient, and speeding recovery by lowering inflammation. These benefits can not only be experienced by athletes, but by anyone who wants to feel and perform better in any aspect of their lives." -

Remember, changing your eating habits and consuming more plant-based foods is a lifestyle change that doesn’t happen overnight. It can definitely help you lose weight if that is your goal but, please be sure to view this as a healthy lifestyle change. Please take it slow if you are just starting out. Slowly start to substitute your foods with plant-based alternatives like switching from dairy milk to a plant-based milk such as almond, oat, or coconut. Do some research. Watch documentaries and read. If you are short on time, let MightyMeals help. They are a fresh meal delivery service that creates chef-prepared vegan and plant-based meals and delivers them right to your door! They are delicious and I have plenty of options. If you need help selecting meals, reach out to me. I'd love to help you out!

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