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Giving Tuesday & Living in Generosity

Giving Tuesday is a day that allows us to dial in and tune our actions to that of selfless extension towards others. Whether it be donating a commodity or spreading acts of kindness throughout your community -- it is a day to hone in on your philanthropic side.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Encouraging humans to do good through acts of service, is what tomorrow was founded on back in 2012. It was a simple idea that has since turned into a global movement of radical generosity, all through the work of the independent nonprofit organization, Giving Tuesday.

This nonprofit has shed immense light upon humanity and the conceptualization behind what that truly means. To live in a world where we celebrate gratitude and generosity as part of our everyday lives. They have built a movement that I resonate with at my core; one that brings us together in support of one another. A movement that changes our lens -- micro to macro -- allowing us to see beyond ourselves. Widening our understanding of the impact we can make as a collective. Giving Tuesday has created a ripple effect of doing good by virtue of heart. They have lead with love for all humankind, thus inspiring hundreds of thousands to do the same, including myself.

I believe it is up to us to capture our purpose and share it with as many people as we can. That if we act as if we are prisms, refracting and dispersing our light onto others, we will help to spread the kind of generosity that Giving Tuesday is all about. I implore you to look within yourself and identify how you can give back in a way that aligns with your purpose and beliefs.

Give Back

Unsure of where to start? Take inspiration from these 5 ways to start giving back to your community!

  1. Volunteer your time or offer your skills to a friend or neighbor in need.

  2. Sign a petition and/or speak up for a cause you believe in.

  3. Fundraise for a local charity, nonprofit, or business in need.

  4. Donate clothes to shelters or organize a supply drive.

  5. Compliment a stranger, hold a door open, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.

It is not a matter of WHAT you're going to do tomorrow, more so of whether or not you are going to show up and do something. Set your intentions going into the day -- make it count! Be part of the ripple that is making its way across this world, because your efforts will undoubtedly be felt and appreciated.

Practicing Generosity Daily

While Giving Tuesday is a powerful source for spreading generosity worldwide, there is an underlying resolve at hand. That is to mold a mindset amongst those who not only participate, but those of which that are directly impacted. I myself, utilize this day simply as a reminder of how to show up and live each one in gratitude and generosity. The ultimate purpose is to use it as an example of what is possible when we make giving, an act of living.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

I try to move through life with a gracious heart and a giving mindset. One that is all encompassing of the belief that we are all connected. In spirit of this, I want to share a few organizations that I give back to and support throughout the year; one's that truly resonate with my purpose and beliefs.

  • The EOD Warrior Foundation is a nonprofit that provides assistance to fallen and wounded EOD warriors and their families.

  • Shelters to Shutters is an organization that works to transition those impacted by homelessness back into self-sufficient living, through housing and employment assistance.

  • Women's Shelters offer a variety of services to women and children in need of support.

  • City Dogs and City Kitties is a nonprofit that rescues cats and dogs in overcrowded or high-kill shelters, and provides them with private fostering or forever homes.

I encourage you to take a look inside and come up with ways in which you are able to give back tomorrow and continuously throughout the year. Maybe take a reflective minute and identify your WHY -- that is to uncover the purpose behind your actions. Use this knowledge to catapult you into living in generosity through grace and gratitude of and for humanity.

This Giving Tuesday and beyond, let us move with conviction in all we do, and never be weary of simply helping for the sake of helping.


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