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Breaking Up With Birth Control

A breakup that was brought on by a deep desire to be fully in tune with my body and ultimately led me to empower my Divine Feminine. This is my holistic approach to hormonal harmony and the journey I took to balance out post birth control!

My History with Birth Control

Birth control was introduced to my body shortly after I had entered the realm of womanhood, as marked by the onset of menstruation. At the time I was a sophomore in high school and was under this preconceived notion that going on the pill was ‘normal’ and ‘safe’. Almost as if taking the pill were a right of passage or a stamp of approval. Looking back, I wish I had asked more questions and took more care to learn how hormonal birth control would impact my overall health beyond my periods and ability to conceive.

Once I got to college, I switched off of the pill in an effort to make birth control more convenient. I wanted something that I didn't have to remember to take at the same time every day so I opted to