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Holistic Health  Characterized by the treatment of the

   whole person and considers the multidimensional aspects of

   wellness. Encourages individuals to recognize their whole selves:

   physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. ​

I am a holistic lifestyle coach

My integrative approach to coaching addresses all areas of your well-being - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I serve as your guide and work with you to help identify what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential so that you can move toward your ideal vision of health and success within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

As your coach I will . . . 

  • Guide you and hold you accountable as you work towards your goals, ​​​​​empowering you to do the work for yourself, not by yourself

  • Empower you to create a life you love by helping you identify what’s holding you back and putting together a game plan to help you move forward

  • Hold space for you while you learn and grow through your own journey of self-discovery

  • Encourage you to step out of your comfort zone 

  • Challenge you to find and utilize the positive influences in your life

  • Teach you how to implement holistic tools and skills in your life such as breath work, meditation, somatic healing, Human Design, creative visualization, the 12 Universal Laws, etc.

  • Help you transition into a holistic lifestyle and make behavior, habit, and mindset changes that support your goals

  • Partner with your doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals to ensure you are implementing the lifestyle changes necessary to support your treatment plans

  • Provide you with the support and encouragement needed to make lasting changes

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Client Love

I did a reiki session with Erica and it was life changing! She guided me through meditation while doing reiki and I could feel her warm energy. She helped me unblock a part of my leg that I had injured previously. The entire process was healing and helped me deal with the anxiety and stressors I have in my life. I left the reiki session with Erica feeling enlightened and as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I would recommend this practice to everyone!


- Lindsay F.

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Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are.

― Rachel Naomi Remen

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